Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson & Amanda Stewart
recorder/electronics & voice

Formed in 2006, the duo of Anderson and Stewart take the voice and recorder into new timbral territories. In performance, their unique palette fuses into a multi-faceted organism, with a shared language forced from contradiction. Discipline subverts chaos, acoustic becomes electronic, microsounds enlarge into powerful statements.

Anderson’s unique compositional and instrumental approach creates alien landscapes blasted by extended technique, psychoacoustic electronics and ominous low end. Stewart’s dizzying array of vocal timbres - from the microsonic to textual deconstruction - punctuates and melds with Anderson's sound world. In performance tension is paramount: explosive phrases ricochet off sudden silences. Together, a beautifully volatile sound world is created, informed by extreme dynamic control and temporal precision.

As regular fixtures at experimental music festivals in Australia, Anderson & Stewart have also collaborated with Australian filmmaker Louise Curham and French musician Jerome Noetinger.